Chalk one up to “wonderful wedding ideas”!

Some of our favorite wedding chalkboard ideas.

The chalkboard was first introduced to the US in 1801, and I can only imagine that the this great new communication tool was  a thrill to school teachers. Well, today the chalkboard is a thrill to many wedding planners – vintage is making a comeback – in weddings! Mason jars, touches of lace, wooden crates, teacups, yellow roses – all friends to our chalkboard in the vintage theme! And, if you’ve visited Pinterest at all you know that vintage wedding is splattered all over the site!  Today these dusty relics (or more often than not – brand new re-makes) can form a beautiful union to create a whimsical theme that will delight your guests and make your grandmother feel right at home.

When it comes to chalkboards in your wedding  we are on board (no pun intended) with the trend!

DIY is a gem of an abbreviation today – there’s a whole DIY network on television and far too many blogs and social media sites devoted to the “do it yourself” cause. While DIY can be a wonderful money saving option some things should be left to the professionals. I’m going to dare to say now though that chalkboards for your wedding is one thing you should be able to DIY with a lovely outcome. So long as someone in your regime of wedding helpers has decent penmanship (chalkmanship?) and/or artistic abilities you should be fine. Switching up the frame, selecting different shapes of chalkboard, choosing a unique font to write in, embellishing with bows or whatever fits your theme – all great ways to customize the prop to fit your style .

As you can glean from our photo collage above, your boards can be used as props in photos, purely for decor, or they can give guests information that will be useful to them (the chalkboards true purpose!).

Pinterest is bursting at the seams with ideas like this. Check out our new board, “Wedding Trends” for more ideas we’re gushing over!

-The Ladies of Lionsgate