Upcoming Colorado Weddings at the Lionsgate Event Center: Leslie and Zac

Introducing the lovely Leslie and Zac:

These two are trying the knot this summer at the Gatehouse. Did you notice the jeresey numbers in their picture? That’s their date!

Where it all began:

“We worked together at Niver Creek Middle School in 2012, he teaches PE and I teach math.  We both would spend Friday happy hours entertaining each other with our online dating horror stories, and then one day it just made sense.”

Time well spent:

“We have known each other since 2008, and have been together since 2010.”

The proposal:

“He took me out to Boston to visit my sisters, who I hadn’t seen in a long time.  One night he and I were walking together along the wharf and he stopped in the middle of the compass rose and got down on one knee and proposed.”

Why the Gatehouse?

“We chose Lionsgate because it is close, we both had school events there when we were younger, I have been to a wedding there, it’s a lovely venue, it has a lovely yard and outdoor area, and the other places we looked at didn’t seem to have a staff that was very knowledgeable and/or accomodating (that was at least half of the decision).  Also we liked the all-inclusive package.”
“We chose the all day option because we are looking forward to being able to relax and not be as stressed.  We will have more time to set up and get ready.   I want to be able to enjoy my day and I think that will really help.”

Let us help you make your wedding dreams come true!

At Lionsgate, we are not “just the facility,” we are a group of women (and a few guys) that really know weddings inside and out.
We’re full of ideas, suggestions and methods to take the stress out of planning a wedding, and most importantly – make it fun!



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