Upcoming Colorado Weddings at the Lionsgate Event Center: Samantha and Ryan

Introducing the lovely Samantha and Ryan:

These two will be hosting their wedding at the Gatehouse in July of 2013.

Where it all began:

“Ryan and I met at the apartment complex we both lived at in 2009. On moving day, Ryan asked my mom and I if we would like help moving in. Respectfully, I turned down his offer. The next morning I woke up to an anonymous note on my door, inviting me to a “get together” at one of the nearby apartment buildings. Because I was new to the area, I wanted to get to know some new people. I got a few girlfriends together and we made our way to the apartment. Turns out, it was Ryan’s! Right off the bat, we made a connection and we have been together ever since!

Time well spent:

“Ryan and I have been together a little over 3 years!”

The Proposal:

“Ryan proposed on June 14th, 2012! We were fishing at our favorite spot in Loveland. I got an important phone call and had been talking in Ryan’s truck for quite a while. When I returned to continue fishing, I noticed that my fishing line was dangling in the water. Ryan told me that he put a new worm on it and that I needed to cast it out. When I picked up my fishing pole, I realized that it had already been cast out. As I reeled it in, I thought I had caught a fish! Once I got it close to the shore and pulled the line out of the water, there was a huge fake ring on the end of it! I turned around and Ryan proposed with my gorgeous ring!”

Why the Gatehouse?

Ryan and I love the Gatehouse because it is beautiful and fun! I completely fell in love with the large stained glass window along with the privacy of the location. The Gatehouse has a uniqueness to it that really caught our attention. When Ryan and I took our tour at the venue, it was “love at first sight.” I knew it was the perfect place to confirm our love for one another. We can’t wait to celebrate our marriage at the Gatehouse with the company of all our family and friends!

We are delighted that Samantha and Ryan chose the Gatehouse to start their journey as Mr. and Mrs.!
Congratulations you two!

Let us help you make your wedding dreams come true!



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