Upcoming Colorado Weddings at the Lionsgate Event Center: Chelsea and Ryan

Introducing the lovely Chelsea and Ryan:

These two will be hosting their wedding at The Dove House  in May of 2013.

Where it all began:

“Ryan had been flying my mom for quite some time before I got the chance to meet him. (He is one of the pilots that flier her charter airplane.) She was always talking to him about me, and she was always telling me about him, so she decided to take things into her own hands one day. She printed a bunch of pictures of me from Facebook and gave them to Ryan with my phone number. Needless to say all the pilots thought this was hilarious and they hung it in the cockpit for the day. Ryan was actually seeing someone at the time, but still kept my number just in case. This also didn’t deter my mom. We started calling her my “Jewish mother” because I felt like she was trying really hard to get me married off even though I was only 22 at the time. After a few more months, my mom reached out to another pilot to get Ryan’s phone number and gave it to me. This started some on and off again texting for a while, but Ryan was flying routes to Cody, Wyoming so he was never in town. After a year of random texts he was finally getting a job that kept him in Denver more frequently and he asked me out to breakfast. Neither of us intended it to be a date as he mentioned just trying to make new friends in Denver, but about 10 minutes into conversation, both of us knew this was going to be a little more serious than “just friends.” We spent the entire day together which included a motorcycle ride through the mountains, his friend mistakenly introducing me as Ryan’s wife, and an evening filled with great conversation. The rest is history from there. Needless to say, we both knew from the beginning that we had found something great, just needed to put some time under our belts.”

Time well spent:

“Ryan and I have been together for a little over a year now.”

The Proposal:

“Ryan proposed on a vacation to my favorite family vacation spot, McCall, Idaho. We rented cruiser bikes and rode out to the lake together. He made a scrapbook of our relationship with pictures of lots of our fun times together. When Ryan travels (being a pilot and all) he send me pictures of cool areas or things he sees and always states he loves me more than the item he’s pictured with. These pictures were scattered throughout the scrapbook, but the last page had a picture of the ring that said “Now I love you this much.” It was beautiful with the lake and morning sunrise as our backdrop. Plus, I get to keep the memory in the scrapbook!”

Why the Dove House?

“We loved the Dove House because it felt homey and laid-back. Neither of us want a really over-the-top glamorous wedding and the Dove House gave off a homey feel – like we could get married in our back yard and invite everyone over to celebrate in the house. I love that the house has so much character and the wedding/reception can be as relaxed as we are. I’ll be wearing my cowboys boots under my dress, so you can imagine, the Dove House fits that kind of character.”

A big congratulations to Chelsea and Ryan from all of us at Lionsgate. Looking forward to your special day!

Let us help you make your wedding dreams come true!



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