Melissa and Corey’s Colorado Wedding at the Lionsgate Center – Gatehouse.

Melissa and Corey’s wedding at the Gatehouse was a “story book wedding” in the words of grandma. She called us the day after the event in happy-tears to express her gratitude. It’s calls like this that remind of us of why we work so hard to do what we do. Grandma was impressed with how organized the evening was, stating that site manager Amy was “like a captain in charge of her crew.” She was delighted that Melissa and Corey were “absolutely the center of attention,” and she was impressed at how beautiful our place was.

A grandmother’s approval is the real scale to measure success. And… did you look at the pictures above?



Melissa and Corey’s vendors:

Venue – Lionsgate Event Center – The Gatehouse:

Photography – Elegant Images:

Cake – Tee and Cakes:

Florist – Crab Apple Creek Flowers:

The Lionsgate Center is a Colorado wedding venue, and although our address pinpoints us in Lafayette, we are also really a ‘Boulder wedding venue‘ and a ‘Denver wedding venue‘. Our beautiful facilities are located between Denver and Boulder, and provide beautiful garden charm in the city. For your out of town guests – we are very convenient to reach from the airport and there are excellent accommodations nearby. If you’re looking to show your out of town guests a true “Colorado experience”  great things to do, see, eat and experience lie just to the South of us in Denver and just to the North in Boulder.


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