Country Charm in the City – Invite roosters and chickens to your Colorado wedding.

The Lionsgate Center – home to lovely weddings, classy corporate events, fun-filled birthdays, elegant quinceaneras, memorable retirement parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (the list goes on) – and CHICKENS!

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Here is how our Lionsgate chickens came to be:

Once upon a time there was a 14 year old girl named Marie who had a dream of having chickens. She and her father built a coop in preparation for her feathered friends but life happened and she never ended up getting them. 😦 Fast-forward a bit and:

1. Marie meets Tom

2. Marie & Tom have the brilliant idea to create a wedding venue

3. After a zillion brainstorming sessions & constructions projects galore the Lionsgate Center springs up.

4. Marie rekindles her dream of having chickens.

Sure, just a few details are left out in that timeline but our focus is on the birds, not Tom & Marie’s life story. 🙂

So the first idea surrounding birds was actually peacocks or swans because surely they would add a nice ambiance to the property. But Marie quickly learned that these two breeds are quite spendy, and can be aggressive, so she ruled that out because we didn’t want this happening:

Such beauty, such grace, so frightening!

Such beauty, such grace, so frightening!

So back to her dream of chickens it was!

Tom was out of town when Marie stumbled upon a website that breeds and sells exotic chickens and in her words; “One click led to another and soon my shopping cart was full of 120 baby chickens.” Marie remembers Tom immediately giving his full support to the new feathered family he’d unknowingly acquired… but to get the full story we’d probably have to ask Tom! 🙂

The chicken coop sits on the property of the Dove House and those birds have all the right bells and whistles for a comfortable life there. Marie likes to keep between 20-50 chickens, so she re-stocks about once a year.

You certainly have the option of inviting our bird friends to your event, but if you have chicken phobia or are allergic to roosters we can keep them in their coop!

Thanks for stopping by!

Watch them in action:


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