A touch of the UK at a Colorado wedding venue – Creative Wedding Ideas.

We are proud of our vintage red telephone booth that came to us straight from England.

A touch of British glamour at the Lionsgate Center.

Perhaps Queen Elizabeth used it once upon a time! I won’t get into the history of the piece but if  you care to enlighten yourself, Wikipedia has a wealth of information here!

Although it’s only a prop now, people made phone calls from our booth once upon a time.

Here’s a fun wedding idea that would be a perfect fit with our phone booth at the Dove House:

We all know that Superman is no stranger to phone booths – with a quick whirl inside, Clark Kent transforms into the ultimate hero! I think all Grooms should feel like Superman on their special day – so guys, take your wedding to the next level and wear a Superman shirt under your tux! And have your groomsmen join in on the fun.. guys, you better hurry and call dibs on your favorite hero!

The bride and her bridesmaids really scored big with their super hero guys!

Other fun ideas:

Grooms – play sardines with your groomsmen!

Get goofy!

Check out our booth for yourself in this short video!


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